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My Bauble History...

Lorna Dunn

Last month, almost 1000 mouth blown glass baubles descended on me just in time for the Christmas season. I'm excitedly filling up my diary with events where I will be personalising these on the spot and serving them up in gift boxes ready to be taken home and put under the tree! Painting on a glass ball is kind of different to lettering on a flat wooden surface ( !!! ) but it's a challenge I enjoy non the less! 

How I came to be doing this starts a few years ago in Australia when I answered a gumtree ad which called people to take part in a sort of bauble painting audition which could lead on to a christmas temp job personalising baubles in a shopping centre. As I was always looking for short term jobs whilst I was living in Melbourne, I went along and found myself at a man's apartment with 6 or 7 other girls ( we were definitely all thinking how bizarre the situation was, as this stranger had us sit at his kitchen table and instruct us on painting glitter onto baubles ). I found it actually quite natural to paint something you could hold and turn in your hand, and by the end of the 'audition' got asked to stay behind and was employed with immediate effect! I was sent to Australia's largest shopping centre and there, would paint baubles all day long for families, couples, baby's first christmas, dogs, teachers etc etc etc. It was so full on and exhausting especially in the last few days leading up to christmas when the store was open 36 hours straight ( I didn't stay for the duration but some people did..! ). For those 2 months everything I seemed to touch, wear and eat would be speckled in glitter. Worse than that, was that even just talking to people seemed to transfer the glitter on to them and I found myself involuntarily becoming some sort of glitter ambassador ( I don't even like glitter ). 

Anyway, when I returned to home soil in 2015 I decided I should take my hours of bauble painting experience and start producing and selling my own. So here we are, a branch from my sign painting tree! No longer a cog in someone else's multi shopping centre machine, I am a one man band trying to spread the personalised festive joy one bauble at a time!